:: photo manipulation

xj ac-id, originally uploaded by Mad_T.

Mad_T says, “the original photo is scanned from an old jaguar catalogue. photoshopped it (gradiant map filter). changed the bright yellow to some dirty yellow.”

2CV Citroën in sunset, originally uploaded by Richard Frances.

Studebaker Lark, originally uploaded by Curtis Perry.

Curtis Perry says, “Gresham, OR”

França 2006, originally uploaded by Photogaleria.

Porsche, originally uploaded by Andrizes.

Andrizes says, “Roger! Our custom Porsche 911 is ready to take off!”

mini, originally uploaded by peter.casters.

MOVE, originally uploaded by Johny Day.

Johny Day says, “I was going to HDR this but HDR don’t apply to all photos just like all other filters
I have two layers of ” Flames ” on this , one layer ( top ) for the directional blur and three layers in non normal blending modes to achieve the glass effect on the red paint of the car
This was quick to make , only took me 4 hours , placing the flames at the right place using the right blending mode was the hardest”