Mercedes Benz

Balakava: Escape, originally uploaded by hitaliniec.

hitaliniec says, “Crimea 2005”

Three-Pointed Star at Sunset, originally uploaded by ospreydesign.

ospreydesign says, “On a just-washed SLK, Christmas, 2005.”

cars over time, originally uploaded by iAli.

mercedes, originally uploaded by umitomo.

umitomo says, “ベンツです”

Generations!, originally uploaded by Mesho0o0o0o.

Mesho0o0o0o says, “This amazing pic has been taken by my brother in the International British Motor Show located in London.”

There is a whole group for the British International Motor Show on Flickr!

IAA_2003_2003-09-15_0017_filtered, originally uploaded by Christian Franke BB.

Christian Franke BB says, “Mercedes Uhlenhaut 300SLR
McLaren SLR”

1958 Mercedes-Benz 300SL, originally uploaded by Sherlock77 (James).

Sherlock77 (James) says, “This is a special 300SL… It has a racing-spec engine originally used by Paul O’Shea back in the 1950’s… The owner (and his collection) has only been in Canada for one year after a move from South Africa… He is very friendly and parked the car here for me to take some extra photos while he went off antique exploring…”