:: hood ornaments

mercury macro, originally uploaded by atomicshark.

Three-Pointed Star at Sunset, originally uploaded by ospreydesign.

ospreydesign says, “On a just-washed SLK, Christmas, 2005.”

Flying Ford Goose, originally uploaded by Wayne’s World 7.

Wayne’s World 7 says, “Bubble Gum Hot Rod”

Jaguar, originally uploaded by kimsbilder.

Lalique Crystal, originally uploaded by Whitebeard.

Whitebeard says, “This beautiful Lalique crystal EAGLE hood ornament was residing on a 1931 DuPont at the AACA Hershey meet in 1977.

These crystal hood ornaments or mascots may be considered the crown jewels of the genre. The originals are highly sought after and expensive and this has spawned a number of reproductions. The following link will take you to an illustrated and documented list of the lalique production. You will not that some are still being produced today as is this model.”