11/21…cuban cars 4, originally uploaded by axiepics.

axiepics says, “old chev
Plaza Vigia, Matanzas, Cuba
There are about 450,000 cars in Cuba, a lot from the 20’s and 30’s.
In Batista’s time no other country in the world imported as many Chryslers, Studebakers, and Desotos. After Castro took over the Americans imposed their trade imbargo so the cars stopped coming. All these old cars have been kept operational out of necessity, through amazing ingenuity with sparse supplies. Now Cuba is the largest American car museum in the world.”

1934 Chevrolet Convertible Coupe (3 of 3), originally uploaded by Light Collector (formerly Whitebeard).

Light Collector (formerly Whitebeard) says, “1934 Chevrolet Convertible Coupe seen at the Georgian College Auto Show, Sept/06.”

Car and trailer 2, originally uploaded by ragtag04.

ragtag04 says, “Chevy sedan with trailer”

Kevin Harvick, originally uploaded by gm_blogs.

gm_blogs says, “Kevin Harvick’s Monte Carlo SS.
(GM Racing)”
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Panning na Estacionamento.., originally uploaded by Luciano Meirelles. 

Luciano Meirelles says, “Fotinho feita no estacionamento aqui de Guarapuava, tenho que voltar lá pra bater mais fotos, e provavelmente vai ser com a minha nova câmera. =D
Photoshop: Sim”

Chevrolet Cetlinha

“J’ai roulé 400 milles …”, originally uploaded by Misccha.

1953 Chevrolet Bel Air
The car we had for the road trip ……….;-))
Thanks Bud …. for your very kind welcome ………..;-)))
in Arundel, Maine ….

Futurliner- 1954 vette, originally uploaded by robert lz.

robert lz says, “June 30, 1953
The first production Corvette rolls off the assembly line at Chevrolet Plant Number 35, near Flint, Michigan. Sticker price: just over US$3000. Assembly line worker Tony Kleiber has the honor of driving the first Corvette off the assembly line.”

Chevy Baja, originally uploaded by Capital I.

Capital I says, “I really dig the weird light in this shot. It was about to hail – yes, hail at a car show.”

Chevrolet SSR, originally uploaded by Giorgios.

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Vette, originally uploaded by andertho.

andertho says, “On the Washington DC Beltway…”

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