December 2006

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Iwate Buddy


xj ac-id, originally uploaded by Mad_T.

Mad_T says, “the original photo is scanned from an old jaguar catalogue. photoshopped it (gradiant map filter). changed the bright yellow to some dirty yellow.”

Wanna go…?, originally uploaded by r-a-b-e-e-h.

r-a-b-e-e-h says, “Yes i can drive….”

Mt.Fuji, originally uploaded by ikkoh.


The Way Of The Future, originally uploaded by Dr. Keats.

Dr. Keats says, “We’ll all be driving these puppies soon…
A Smart ForTwo; ultra-economical mini-car perfect for city commuting.
This one’s being used as a mobile billboard for Qantas’ economy subsidiary JetStar.”

Spectre R42, originally uploaded by Geraldi.

Geraldi says, “a very rare car!”

Destructor-Toyota, originally uploaded by petroroca.

petroroca says, “Dos máquinas poderosas, mi Toyota Hilux SRV y el destructor misilístico de la armada argentina. Uno para la paz y el otro para la guerra, en el atracadero de la Base Naval Puerto Belgrano. Buenos Aires, Argentina”

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