October 2006

wedding day, originally uploaded by sans.otto.

Wedding party’s over, originally uploaded by turbodiesel.

Shawn & Dee Dee, originally uploaded by gun show.

gun show says, “Shawn & Dee Dee booked Kim to shoot their formal wedding in September… I will be assisting. Anyway, Kim wanted to meet the couple and snap some engagement shots (eventhough the pair got married in Vegas earlier this year) so I went along. This is one of my favorites from the informal session… They were a lot of fun.”

the kiss, originally uploaded by lysander07.

lysander07 says, “karina and thomas … just married … with Trabant 600”

Ghost, originally uploaded by Stox.

Happy Halloween from the CAR[directory]車!

The car in the movie The Mummy, originally uploaded by caribb.

caribb says, “This was the actual car used in The Mummy. I remember this well from the film.”

Happy Halloween from the CAR[directory]車!

Every boy’sdream DSC01063, originally uploaded by Jazmin$Million.

Jazmin$Million says, “This is every boy’s dream. Myself included. By Jazmin Fillion”

Happy Halloween from the CAR[directory]車!

crazy corvette, originally uploaded by panos_d.

Don’t forget to visit the Cool Cars group on Flickr for more cool cars!

Be Still My Heart, originally uploaded by Carrie Taylor.

The 1-2-3 CARS group on Flickr is interesting!

ZiM, originally uploaded by Dmitry Novikov.

There is a group just for car logos on Flickr!

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