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Iwate Buddy

xj ac-id, originally uploaded by Mad_T.

Mad_T says, “the original photo is scanned from an old jaguar catalogue. photoshopped it (gradiant map filter). changed the bright yellow to some dirty yellow.”

Wanna go…?, originally uploaded by r-a-b-e-e-h.

r-a-b-e-e-h says, “Yes i can drive….”

Mt.Fuji, originally uploaded by ikkoh.


The Way Of The Future, originally uploaded by Dr. Keats.

Dr. Keats says, “We’ll all be driving these puppies soon…
A Smart ForTwo; ultra-economical mini-car perfect for city commuting.
This one’s being used as a mobile billboard for Qantas’ economy subsidiary JetStar.”

Spectre R42, originally uploaded by Geraldi.

Geraldi says, “a very rare car!”

Destructor-Toyota, originally uploaded by petroroca.

petroroca says, “Dos máquinas poderosas, mi Toyota Hilux SRV y el destructor misilístico de la armada argentina. Uno para la paz y el otro para la guerra, en el atracadero de la Base Naval Puerto Belgrano. Buenos Aires, Argentina”

2CV Citroën in sunset, originally uploaded by Richard Frances.

11/21…cuban cars 4, originally uploaded by axiepics.

axiepics says, “old chev
Plaza Vigia, Matanzas, Cuba
There are about 450,000 cars in Cuba, a lot from the 20’s and 30’s.
In Batista’s time no other country in the world imported as many Chryslers, Studebakers, and Desotos. After Castro took over the Americans imposed their trade imbargo so the cars stopped coming. All these old cars have been kept operational out of necessity, through amazing ingenuity with sparse supplies. Now Cuba is the largest American car museum in the world.”

classy limo, originally uploaded by Scuzzi.

scuzzi says, “Chinatown of Philadelphia is bigger than the one in Boston but still small compared to the one in NYC. When we arrive, there was a parade that was starting up for the 57th year anniversary of the Republic of China. Why they are celebrating that, I had no clue. I asked mom later and she said it was not the celebration of the Communist state, but the victory of the civil war in China and the organizing of the country into one. And something about forcing the rebels into Taiwan. I guess I should look up the history sometime. =P

Update: i guess i didn’t quite understand mom. =P i looked up the history of the “republic of china” and it is actually known as taiwan now. apparently it was the form of government in china before the civil war of 1949. when the government lost control of the mainland, it was restricted to the small islands of taiwan. you can read the history more here:”